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    20 February 2016 | 10:00 AM | Amity University, Noida

  • What is Socialthon?

    Socialthon is a buisness plan competition to solve the growth problems of two NGOs. 50 young entrepreneurial minds will jam to solve the Brand Creation & Quality Management issues of CEHRO and SaiKripa.

    Brand Creation

    A social venture is bringing change in its target community. Suggest ways in which you can establish its brand, to attract quality people, funds and community support?

    Quality Management

    There is a well-thought system in place. Propose a plan to ensure the quality and effectiveness in the system.

  • Social Ventures

    CEHRO India


    Cehro India was started in a small room based out of Munirka in 2011. Pradeep and Sujeet started CEHRO with a vision to provide excellent education and health facilities to the underprivileged. Today, they are operating in a community center along with a team of volunteers and 300 kids. Organization has yielded many stories of educational and economic transformation.



    Saikripa was officially launched in March 1989 fueled by Anjina’s dream of building a home for the homeless children, where they would not only get shelter, clothing, food and education but also feel as secure and confident as their more privileged peers. 27 years later, Saikripa is running five projects - Bal Kutir, Sai Shiksha Sansthan, Sai Bal Sansar, Sai Vatsala Vatika and Sai Vocational Training Centre. Anjina Rajagopal had received the CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award in 2009.

  • The Blog

    In-depth Stories Of Our Partner NGOs

    February 14, 2016
    Centre for Education and Health Research Organization (CEHRO INDIA) is a non-profit making autonomous body registered under 1860 Societies Act. It is a brain-child of youths coming from premier institutes of India (NSIT, NUEPA, JNU, Jamia, DU, IPU, DTU etc.) who believe in inclusive development;...
    Saikripa’s mission is to enable the parentless children to earn not just their livelihood but also respect in society. Saikripa’s projects comprise Balkutir, Sai Shiksha Sansthan, Sai Bal Sansar, Sai Vatsalya Vatika and Sai Vocational Training centre.  All the projects are run by the donations...
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    Opportunity To Create Impact

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the event flow?

    One week prior to the event, in-depth case studies of both NGOs will be provided to the registered participants,. Event will proceed in two levels -


    Level 1: Discussion on NGO’s Problem Statements

    CEHRO India and SaiKripa will share their journeys and future plans. This will bring out the need and impact of solving the proposed problems . Following this, panel will be given a brief about the following problem statements

    • Brand Creation: A Social Venture is bringing change in its target community. Suggest ways in which you can establish its brand, to attract quality people, funds and community support?

    • Quality Management: There is a well-thought system in place. Propose a plan to ensure the quality and effectiveness in the system.

    Thereafter the participants can discuss the NGOs’ experiences and problems in detail to get a better idea of the case. will be open for 1 hour. Thereafter, panel will be opened for discussion. Participants can ask questions to the NGOs to understand the problem statement better.


    Level 2: Work Plan Presentation

    During this stage of the competition, participant will be given a detailed case study on the two NGOs. Participant will have three hours to:-

    • Review the provided dossier

    • Identify and analyze key issues

    • Develop a compelling set of recommendations

    • Prepare an engaging presentation for the judges.

    Post three hours, participants will present their ideas to the NGO heads. The heads will listen to the presentation and ask questions. Participant will be evaluated on their levels of insight, innovation and enthusiasm. The candidates found fit to the expectations of a NGO, will be offered an opportunity to implement their work plan.

    Are there any terms & conditions?

    • Participants must carry their own laptops and Stationary.
    • Only register candidates can attend the event.
    • There are Two Levels in this event.

    What is the team size?

    There are no teams, Every participant will be participating individually.

    Why Participate?

    Socialthon is a unique opportunity that gives entrepreneurial people a chance to work on real-world business issues and experience what it is like to work with NGOs.


    Maximize your potential and interact with the brightest minds

    Discover the challenging world of NGOs and test your ability to develop innovative, real-world business solutions through this challenging and exciting learning experience. You will indulge in a intriguing discussion with talented students from various domains, gaining valuable insight into what it’s like to work with NGOs. And once you progress to the final stage of the conference, you’ll find yourself in a position to alter the pace of an organisation .


    Expand your horizons

    During this one-day event, you will be presented with multiple challenges from the day-to-day operations of an NGO. Tackling these issues will give you an insight into the opportunities of social sector.


    This event will challenge and inspire you, testing your ability to analyze and respond to realistic business scenarios.

    Who should participate?

    To participate in the Socialthon 2016, you don’t need to be studying a particular subject or have a particular interest. But to make the best of it, you should have the following:

    • An interest in business and a passion for excellence

    • Strong leadership and task management skills

    • Talent for thinking through ideas and presenting strategic solutions

    • The determination to make the most of this experience.

    Get ready to challenge your thinking and begin to understand ventures with a social cause. You will discover and develop your own strengths, interacting with other talented students and creating a work-plan.

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